leather backpack with trolley sleeve - woosir
leather backpack with trolley sleeve - woosir

Vintage Bag and Backpack with Trolley Sleeve

Discover the charm of vintage bags and backpacks with trolley sleeves. Browse through our thoughtfully curated collection that seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern convenience. Perfect for jet setters, frequent travelers, and professionals on the go, our vintage-inspired bags feature trolley sleeves for effortless transportation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bags combine style and functionality, making them ideal companions for your journeys. Elevate your travel experience with our collection of vintage bags and backpacks with trolley sleeves at Woosir. Shop now and embrace the fusion of timeless elegance and practicality.
Large Leather Duffle bag With Trolley Sleeve - Woosir

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this bag meets most airline carry-on size requirements.

The bag has a spacious interior that can hold up to 35 liters.

The trolley sleeve is designed to fit most standard suitcase handles, but we recommend checking the size of your suitcase handle before purchasing.

Yes, the bag has padded straps and a back panel that make it comfortable to wear even when it's fully loaded.

While the bag is designed for travel, it can also be used for light outdoor activities such as day hikes. However, it is not suitable for more intense outdoor activities such as backpacking.

Absolutely, our collection includes a variety of styles that cater to both men's and women's fashion preferences.

The trolley sleeve allows you to slide your bag onto your luggage handle, making travel more convenient.