Genuine Leather Duffle Bags

As a supplier of the genuine leather bag since 1988, Woosir has been dedicated to offering fabulous products with a really great price - Higher quality standard with at least 20% lower pricing.

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Leather Weekender Travel Bag with Shoe Compartment

$149.30 USD$239.44 USD
BrownLight brownBlackDark brownWine redGreyBrown redCoffeeDark coffeeChocolate(wrinkle) with trolley sleeveChocolate with trolley sleeveDark brown with trolley sleeveBrown with trolley sleeve

Leather Travel Bag Mens With Lock

$171.92 USD
Wax dark brownGreyCoffee brownDark brownNavyDark coffeeDenim blue(without lock)Oil leather black(without lock)Oil brownDark grey

Leather Rolling Duffle Bag 20 Inch

$248.40 USD$288.68 USD
Black(oil wax)Coffee(oil wax)Dark brownBrown(oil wax)Chocolate(wrinkle)

Real Leather Duffel Bags For Men 18 Inch

$148.22 USD$168.99 USD
BlackWine redDark wine redBrownDark brownYellow brownLight brownRed brownOil brownCoffeeLuxry wine redRed brown 2