About Us


“We prefer more the natural attributes and functionalities of traditional fabrics like waxed canvas and crazy horse leather that have already stood the test of time.”

                                                                                             — JOHN WOO

Who we are?

Since 1988, we have been creating high-quality products for people all over the world. Passion for outdoor activities, pursuit of high-quality and high-performance products, Woosir has created a variety of outdoor items for people who enjoy life, such as hiking bags, camera bags, outdoor and school canvas backpacks, tactical bags, messenger bags, briefcases , duffle bag, and toiletry bags, etc.

What we do?

It is Woosir's mission and vision to combine the quality and functionality of premium materials, with attention to detail, to create beautiful products. We draw inspiration from different places around the world to create products that have retro look with modern functionality. We also focus on optimizing the everyday-function of our products, such as high-capacity, multi-compartment backpacks and camera bags, padded messenger bags and crossbody bags with high-quality zippers or magnetic closures.

Simplicity, excellence, responsibility and the spirit of craftsmanship are the values that drive us every day, which makes Woosir's success simple and well-deserved.

What we want?

Hope that those of you who have purchased at Woosir can feel different meaning of sports and life and the spirit of never giving up. Find what you love and do it persistently. What you do makes yourself a better person.


Woosir Production Line