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Stretching Massager

by Woosir W. 20 Mar 2019 0 comments
Stretching Massager - Woosir

Stretching Massager

In this article first of all we explain what is massage and its benefits. As we know in our busy lives, we faced many circumstances during work such as work pressure, workload, long time using computer and etc , which makes us tired.

 What is Massage?

In general meaning of massage are rubbing, kneading of muscles and joints of the body with hands specially to relieve tension or pain. It has ranged from light rubbing to deep pressure. Massage has many different types but here we discuss some common types. The first type of the massage is deep massage. This type of massage technique is slower and using more force strokes to target layers of the muscles and connective tissue. This kind massage is very helpful for those people who are suffered from muscle damage. The second type of massage is Swedish massage, it is a gentle type of massage which is famous to relax and energize the people. In this category of massage, the length of the strokes uses longer, kneading, deep circular movements of muscles and ligaments, vibration and patter to help calm people. The third type of the massage is sports massage as the name shows it is popular for people who involved in the sports activities. It is helpful for sportsmen to performed their sports well and prevents the injuries. The fourth type of the massage is used for muscles fibers which can form in your muscles after injuries and it is called trigger point massage. The focus point of this massage is tight muscles fibers. This kind of massage is very important for our health when we injured.

Stretching Massager

The positioning of Stretching massager

Advantages of Massage

Massage is usually measured part of harmonizing and integrative medicine. In our daily lives it is increasingly being presented along with standard treatment for an extensive range of medical conditions and situations. According to different researches on the benefits of massage determine that it is an effective treatment for overcome stress, pain and muscle tension. In this topic still need more research to confirm the benefits of massage and many researchers and scientist are focusing on this field. There are some benefits of massage which may useful for



Myofascial pain syndrome

Soft tissue strains or injuries

Sports injuries


Digestive disorders

Insomnia related to stress

Temporomandibular joint pain

Many people like to do massage because it generates a feeling of comfort, caring and relax so it is not just using for the specific conditions or diseases. Now we explain to our customers stretching massager which is very popular and useful for stretching your back comfortable, relax, easy and enjoyable.

Stretching Massager

In the below picture shows the stretching massager which is very useful for physical therapy of the human body. It is unique structure massager which can relax and comfort your body to overcome the neck pain, back pain, waist pain, body massage, and muscle relaxation, after this, you can take rest or sleep very well.   

Stretching Massager


Stretch massager is easy to use just stretch your back with this chiropractic lumbar stretcher. After this lay the spine stretcher flat on the ground and lie down on it. The curve of this stretcher is designed according to the human body. This curve on the magic back support to flex and stretch your muscles without the risk of injury. It eradicates undesirable tension. It is prodigious for those people who are suffered from chronic back pain, stiffness, or from sitting all day. You can use it in many ways such as during the drive a car or office. You can simply lay on it and also use it for back support while you sit down during work.

Stretching Massager

The human body has many natural curves such as neck, waist, shoulder, and back so the curve of the stretching massager is a key point for circulation and relieve the discomfort of varicose veins. In the below picture shows the curves of the human body.

Natural Curvature of human body

According to the natural curvature of the human body stretching massager was designed as show in the below picture. It is very flexible and can use according to your personal requirements. Stretching massager has three gears. First gear is suitable for mild pain and the second one is good for moderate pain and third gear is suitable for severe pain so these gears are very flexible and easy to use.  

3 Gears Adjustments

Features of Stretching Massager

  • Stretching massager has curved stretching, waist orthosis, ability magnet, acupressure point massage, and easy waist protection.
  • It is perfect for back relief, Spine alignment, and lumbar traction, etc.
  • It is made of ABS polyurethane this material is tough, reliable quality, and environmentally friendly, and it is also safer. It has black color
  • The size of stretching massager is (21 -24.5cm) width, (37.3cm) length, and (16.4-25cm) Width, and (38.4 cm) length.
  • It has specially curved traction,26° lumbar support, ergonomic shape, and tailbone depression, orthopedic pads help relieve pressure on the spine and tailbone.
  • The stretching massager has three different gear positions which can be adjusted, and appropriate gear position according to your requirements. The sliding lever is liftable and easy to press and lock. Choose a different level freely by your suitable arch, and make you feel highly comfortable.
  • It is very suitable for many purposes such as back body waist stretches, poor lumbar spine, and work fatigue. Put it on the sofa or chair, shape and size fully support lumbar with simple operation. Better than other complicated devices.


Curve Traction

  • It has built-in 18 energy magnets which specially designed for acupuncture points on the human body, and it is also easy to protect the waist.
  • It is very durable which can withstand weight 150 pounds. It has a good therapeutic effect on the back lumbar pain
  • There are many magnetic spots in the stretching massager shows in the below figure. These magnetic positions are very important for massage purpose which provide a feeling of massage.

We believe that this article is helpful for our customers and people who are interesting to buy or looking for stretching massager. This article provides complete information about this product if you need any further information regarding this product please you can contact us without any hesitation. Please give us your feedback and suggestions.

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