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Leather vs Waxed Canvas Bags: Which Is Better?

by VTC 11 Oct 2022 0 comments
Leather vs Waxed Canvas Bags: Which Is Better? - Woosir

waxed canvas bags

As soon as we compare a certain material to animal skin, then we need to begin by comprehending that we're about to analogize a by-product from a plant to a by-product from an animal.

Waxed canvas bags are made of heavy cotton material infused with a paraffin-based wax. BaTherocedure can make the canvas waterproof or water repellent. based on the amount and type of waxed the other hand, leather is utilized in a wide range of products as well as is frequently cow skin leather.

To compare the qualities and features of both materials, we will compare a rugged waxed canvas bag with a full-grain leather bag.

There is no significance in getting into the different levels of quality as a premium waxed canvas tote is a much better fabric for a bag than some bonded leather.

However, in case we're comparing a top-grade of a crafted waxed canvas bag with a top-grade of full grain leather, then we've got to set up an engaging discussion. Let's know which one is better...

What is Waxed Canvas Fabric?

Waxed Canvas Bags

The waxed canvas material is a thickly woven cotton textile that has been suffused with wax, providing it an additional layer of security against the components. This material has been loved for a long time now for its natural water resistance, durability, and also rugged nature.

The waxed layer is made using either beeswax or paraffin and records creases and folds, providing it with a weathered pattern over time. The Waxed canvas material's strength and quality are defined by the wax, weave density, and also yarn's thickness.

Large Waxed Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag Travel Mens are made using only 100% Good Cotton Enterprise licensed cotton canvas as well as treated with a special wax combination of petroleum jelly, paraffin, and mineral oil.

The waxed canvas material is believed to be the actual waterproof material for bags. It at first became prevalent in the early 19th century in England & Scotland with sailors. Finally, Linseed oil was then set aside with Paraffin wax. This stopped the fabric from yellowing and stiffening.


waxed canvas duffel

Economical Price Point

The waxed canvas material is pocket-friendly material for bags, jackets, and also other products. It is also quite an easily accessible material. This is one of the most premium materials that are available at an affordable price tag.

Versatile and Functional Style

waxed canvas bags are very versatile. You can carry several things in your waxed canvas bag. Moreover, these are waterproof, thus, you can carry the bag in any weather and keep your cell phone and other gadgets.

It comes with an interior zip pocket, exterior pocket, shoulder strap, etc that makes the bag more functional. This is completely a machine-washed material and some brands offer a lifetime guarantee as well. =

Several Vibrant Colors Available

This material is available in several color options. So, you can choose a color as per your preference and your personality.

Strong, Natural, Long-Lasting, and Sustainable

This material is so strong that it comes with a longer life than leather. So, when it comes to sustainability, no one can beat such materials.

Highly Resistant To Wind and Water

Carry your waxed canvas bags anywhere anytime without concern about the weather outside. This is because waxed canvas bags can resist both wind and water. So, take your bag to your weekend getaway without worrying about the weather.

Easy to Clean

Since Waxed Canvas is machine washable, you can simply put the bag inside your machine and let the machine do whatever is needed.

Looks Attractive And Fashionable

Whether it is luggage or backpacks, Waxed Canvas makes everything look attractive as well as fashionable.

Holds Its shape

It perfectly holds its shape even after several uses. Unlike leather bags, it accommodates more products inside the bag.

What Is Leather Bag?

leather sling bag

Leather bags are normally made using thick and firm animal leather. However, there is also vegetable leather available. But nothing can beat the quality of animal leather.

Although leather bags are fashionable they are not cruelty-free. Compared to waxed canvas bags, leather bags are not that long-lasting. Let's know in detail about leather bags here...


leather duffel

Durability And Flexibility:

It is a well-known material for its resistance and durability - that is truly among the reasons that make the material among the most used fabrics for bags. Its genuine flexibility even adds up as a great feature to its long durability as well as it gets flexible in time which provides a unique form and makes it beautifully age while not failing anything from its modern look, functionality, or form.

Natural And Eco-Friendly:

It is a natural fabric unlike other manufactured products utilized to make backpacks. This even means that the procedure of making a leather bag doesn't pollute the atmosphere as it would do while making a faux, or synthetic bag by utilizing more chemicals.

Naturally Breathing And Waterproof:

Leather bags deliver a specific level of security for your things inside in case you unexpectedly get captured by light rain or drizzle. Certainly, we do not mean to contend that nothing would take place in case you get the bag soaked up, but it can endure resistance against dampness proudly. Since leather is breathable it fights even against fungal attack, bad odor, dry abrasion, or dust mites that might readily happen to other synthetic bags or artificial leather.

ElegantAnd Stylish:

Its special sense of sophistication and elegance can be the foremost thing that the entire world decides on. As soon as you carry a high-quality top-grain leather bag, no matter in which color it is, you would feel like the most graceful individual in the whole meeting room.

No other material gives you the elegance and style as leather does. Whether it is a normal backpack or pack for your laptop leather bags are super stylish.

Waxed Canvas vs Leather

Both high-quality leather and waxed canvas far outlast their companions in long-term persistence. Beyond just steady, the more you such material, the better they will look. If you take good care of them, the same wear & tear that may wear out & tear up other products will rather develop - in both waxed canvas and leather- the patina and character that make them more desirable and valuable over time.

So, both are great materials for bags but the question is which is the best among them. Let's see now.

Well, firstly it depends on the function you are going to use the bags on. Here are the examples below...


In case you need a bag especially for your daily use, a pack that can endure being at your side while you blaze the path through the tangible jungle, buy waxed canvas bags. Yes, waxed canvas bags are durable enough to take rigorous and constant use -- but there is nothing like the look (and feel) of a well-loved, well-worn leather bag. So, the decision is all yours.


In case you want a bag for your outdoor adventure, a pack that can be exposed to Mother Nature’s worst (and best), then the waxed canvas bags will be your perfect choice. As soon as it comes to rain, waxed canvas bags will bear it better than a leather bag.

So, is waxed canvas or leather more durable? The answer is both leather and waxed canvas are durable fabrics with a rich past that age well if cared for appropriately. Make your selection, treat it nicely, and relish it for a long time. 


No matter whether you are looking for waxed canvas bags or leather bags, Woosir Travel Bags has it all. For the best quality product, visit Woosir today, and get the best bags for yourself. Their product not only uses high-quality fabrics but also makes sure the zipper(s), pockets, straps, etc. are made with care and with high-quality elements only.

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