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How to find the excellent quality outdoor Sports LED basketball and footballs?

How to find the excellent quality outdoor Sports LED basketball and footballs??

Sports are very important for every nation. Sports are not just entertainment, but can be closely linked to the national past time the culture. It is depending on where one lives in the world, the popularity of any sport depends on geographic composition, weather or perhaps it was introduced by outsiders. Here we give an example of the United States where American football is the most popular sport doesn’t mean that there are not similarly large followings in other sports such as baseball, cricket, hockey or basketball. In this article, we focus on football and basketball popularity.

excellent quality outdoor Sports LED basketball and footballs from Woosir

Football World cup 2018

As we know football is one of the favorite sports in all over the world (USA, Europe, Asia Africa etc). Now because of NBA’s we have seen the popularity of basketball continue to rise worldwide over the years due in large part to the expanded marketing efforts abroad and the popularity of superstars like LeBron James and recently retired Kobe Bryant. Similarly, although you will see that football (or soccer) remains the overall most popular sport throughout Africa, there are a number of countries such as Nigeria and South Africa where basketball is significantly growing in popularity. In this modern era technology is very important in our daily life and it makes our life easier as compare to before in many ways such as LED lights used for outdoor sports equipment. In this article, we explained to our customers and readers about LED basketball and football.

 excellent quality outdoor Sports LED basketball and footballs from Woosir


LED Basketball introduction

 LED Basketball is so incredible innovation the field of outdoor sports which can be used to play basketball in the night which boost the passion of basketball lovers. As soon as you bounce the ball two impacts galvanized LED lights illuminate the complete basketball with a magnificent red glow. The ball looks feels and plays just like a regular basketball. Shooting some hoops in the driveway after dark has never been so much fun. Be the first to show your friends this unique ball. We have heard so many great stories from basketball players who have tried our LED Basketball and love it.

 Sport in our daily is very important which provides exercise, gathering and most important we have fun with our friends. It is always interesting when playing with products that glow or light up. We play with LED ball all of the time and take breaks from work to shoot some hoops. In addition to this being a really fun product. We have noticed ourselves that when we play with this LED basketball getting more exercise than the usual one. We play with the ball at times we normally wouldn't and play longer because it’s so much fun. These features make great gifts and are truly a unique product. Show up to your next local night basketball game or event and bring one of these. Just bouncing these illuminated balls attracts attention like you wouldn't believe. People are drawn right to the ball at night and will want to see it for themselves.

 LED basketball -- Woosir

LED basketball in night

Advantages of LED basketball

There are some basic advantages of LED basketball:

  • Halftime Shows
  • Talent Shows
  • Trick Shots
  • Basketball Freestyles
  • Performances
  • and much other fun uses.

LED basketball from Woosir

LED Basketball

It is made perfectly balanced basketball in all manufacture aspects. There is unquestionable no vibrate whether bouncing it or spinning it in the air during playing. The lights are held inside the ball in their own little compartments on either side of the ball. It is very easy to turn on the lights of LED basketball you just have to do is play with it and the lights will automatically turn on. Once when you are finished playing with it the lights will shut off after around 40 seconds of nonuse. The batteries are replaceable, instructions are provided with steps on changing the batteries so you can continue to use this excellent product.

Now we explain the excellent quality of LED basketball and football to our customers and readers who are interested in.

LED Basketball

According to our experience, our LED basketball has many advantages and features as compared to ordinary LED basketball. First, it is made perfect and well designed and has dark high bright LED light.

LED basketball from Woosir

Light UP Basketball


It is made of rubber bladder, nylon yarn, rubber cover, LED and battery. All of the material used very good quality after testing. It has more transparent effect because it is consisting on 2 built-in LED device which more transparent after a lot of continuous development research and testing. Playing with this light up your partners in the basketball game in the dark. It has a higher sensitivity compared to other luminous basketball. Gently pat can shine, and shut off automatically when not in using. It is a high-quality product. The gel content of more than 70% is far higher than the industry production standards which make it feel strong and delicate. It is the best gift for your child and you can play with your children with more fun, it is designing the luminous basketball soft and elastic. These properties make it suitable for preschool children. The brightness of LED light basketball has not stopped you and your child to communicate the feelings of sports. This way you can accompany with your child and chase the court and also watch them their activity clearly. We believe that it is a very amazing product for a child and they have a more happy moment as compared to ordinary basketball.

 LED basketball structure from Woosir

Structure of LED Basketball

Accessories include

It has a complete set with different accessories and it is consisting of ball official size 7, batteries and durable waterproof bags etc so on as shown in the below picture.

Complete set of LED basketball from Woosir

Complete set of LED basketball

Comparison of LED basketball

The light effect is an obvious difference as compared to ordinary LED basketball below picture shows that our luminous basketball has more shinning and brighter which make the effect clearer and transparent for you and this way you can enjoy playing basketball more. As compare the ordinary LED basketball light effect is weaker, transparency less and visual effect is not clear.

Brightness Contrast of LED Basketball

Brightness Contrast of LED Basketball

LED Football

All of us know about the popularity of football all over the world, now it is good news for football lovers we offer a way they can play football even when the sun has set. This is the brightest football out there, it includes A Hi-Bright LED light that illuminates the entire football for a magnificent glow. Modern light up footballs are so bright they can be seen from across the field. It is good for you and your friend to play football at night when you don’t have the stadium lights.When you tap the football the Smart LED light turns on, and relies on for about 30 seconds until hit again, which really assistance save battery life. This is much brighter related to glow in the dark footballs, and is easily seen from across the field. Feel free to kick this LED football as far as you can, it is well made, and durable, so it can withstand some good play. You will have so much fun seeing this glowing football fly through the air. This ball is an absolute blast to play with at night, something the whole family can enjoy. Batteries can easily be replaced, and batteries are included with purchase. Use this LED football over and over again. Night sports will never be the same.

 LED Football profile from Woosir

LED Football


There are some important features of LED football

  • It has good impact activated and turns on while being played with
  • Replaceable batteries are including
  • Can use it over and over again
  • Excellent Quality
  • It has official size football
  • It has used super bright LED light

 LED Football in Night

LED Football in Night


It has a more transparent effect because it is consisting on 2 built-in LED device which more transparent after a lot of continuous development research and testing. Gently pat can shine and shut off automatically when not in use. It is a high-quality product. The gel content of more than 70% is far higher than the industry production standards which make it feel strong and delicate. The set of this product consists of a soccer ball, one pair of knee pads, two LED lamp, soccer ball bag, tire pump, 20 batteries and tool for changing batteries.

LED Football with accessories

LED Football with accessories

We believe this article is very helpful for you if you are searching or looking the LED basketball and football products. In the last, we want to tell how can find this kind of products you need to read our article and for more details you can directly contact us. Now it is your turn please gives us feedback on how it useful and helpful this article.

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