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How to find reliable suppliers of waterproof waxed canvas duffel bags?

by Woosir W. 26 Dec 2018 0 comments
How to find reliable suppliers of waterproof waxed canvas duffel bags? - Woosir

Traveling and sports is passion for many people from all over the world. All kind of human generations love to travelling in their interesting countries or cities, so for this they must need to buy bags and luggage for easy and convenient travelling. Bags & luggage business is growing very quickly everywhere throughout the world. Consistently a huge number of individuals are making a trip to their goals.

 In last two years we have received many customers who doing business on the bags and luggage. People who are starting new business maybe have a little knowledge about importing bags and luggage. During purchasing the bag, they faced a lot of problems. In this article, we will write about duffle bags. We believe that this article helps the customers who want to do wholesale duffle bags business and also very helpful for new businessman who will start new business.


The name of duffel bags was first time used in the Belgium city. That time very thick canvas was utilized to produce original cylinder-shaped bags. There are some basic unique characteristics of duffel bags such as flexible, most small or middle-sized bags which can be fit into an above your head compartment with effortlessness.

Men's Genuine Leather Travel Duffel Bag 22 inch with Shoe Pocket-woosir

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Duffel Handbag Weekend Bag-woosir

Duffel bag with special features

In this modern era the term refers main three types of duffle bags, like as wheeled duffel, the rounded or barrel duffel, and squared duffel. Each of these types is perfect suitable for individual use and this subsidizes to their sustained attraction with travelers. According to shape normally duffel bags classified above mention three types. Here we will try to help our customers to know about these basic types of duffel bags. First, we will explain more popular type barrel duffel bags.

Barrel duffel:

The exemplary barrel-style duffel is essentially a cloth tube shaped bag which have straps. There are two varieties of this kind of duffel bag. The original design is the top closure duffel. This sort has a best opening with a drawstring style closure. These best closure duffel packs are regularly expansive and are utilized for bigger equipment or as an all in- one bag. The military has utilized a thick canvas top closure duffel packs for a long time. The toughness and load conceivable outcomes have made them extremely prevalent, particularly in battle areas.

Waterproof Large Capacity Sports Gym Bag-woosirNylon Waterproof Fitness Bag-woosir

Barrel duffel bag

 The other assortment of barrel-molded duffel has a side zipper closure that runs the length of the bag. These bags can likewise be made of canvas but on the other hand are made of woven polyester supported with plastic. Also made of some other kind of natural and synthetic materials such as cotton twill fabrics and nylon fabrics. These are generally littler than the best closure adaptation. Many people are commonly called gym bag because they often used to carry small sports equipment’s, which they used for exercise purposes. So, barrel bags are very convenient and useful for all kind of athletes. The two varieties of this barrel duffel shape are one-compartment bags. On account of this issue things inside the bag can get hurled and muddled making the barrel duffel a wreck to unload. Also made of some other kind of natural and synthetic materials such as cotton twill fabrics and nylon fabrics. Cotton twill bag combines style with function to create the perfect companion. Cotton handles and lining give it a soft touch, but reinforced stitching and metal zippers make it durable. With plenty of pockets and an optional, adjustable over-the-shoulder strap, it packs everything you need for a week-long trip or just the gym.

Squared Duffel:

Recently adjustment of the duffel pack is the squared or box-molded sack. This bag is a case formed rectangular duffel with side zipper conclusion. This assortment for the most part has separate zippered compartments on the closures. This component is extraordinary for keeping the sack composed in travel. These packs are regularly made of increasingly inflexible plastic upheld woven polyester. Plastic secured wire funneling is likewise utilized on the edge of a significant number of these bags to give them greater inflexibility and structure.

Canvas Duffel Leather Carry On Bag Weekend Overnight Tote-woosir

Squared duffel bag


Wheeled Duffel:

The third significant kind of duffel bag is the wheeled assortment. A significant number of these wheeled bags have extremely unbending bottoms. They additionally frequently have a more extensive opening with the utilization of a U-shaped zipper running the length of the top side of the bag. These bags normally have the most isolated segments and some can even be extended in to bigger bags. This style of duffel is famous with travelers who need to walk a long distance with their bag. Built in wheels on the underside of the bag make it simple to convey considerably heavier burdens which is convenient for transportation.

Luggage Rolling Duffel Bag Leather Trim Canvas Wheeled Travel Bag 50L-woosir

Wheeled duffel bag

Waterproof waxed canvas duffle bags??

In this article we will introduce waterproof waxed canvas duffle bags before this we want to share with you some basic and technical information. Now a days waxed canvas are very popular duffle bag because extraordinary features and easy to carry during travelling or outdoor activities. So, let start to know about what is canvas?


Cotton fabrics with thick weave of canvas is tremendously durable and it has good tearing resistance properties. It is a very famous choice for production of workwear because of some special features. The surface of canvas is smooth and it is not easily torn or snagged, and can be can tolerate tough wear. It’s a breathable fabric but canvas still succeeds to effectively block wind. Caring for canvas fabric is impartially upfront, as many canvas products can be thrown into the washing machine (it’s need to check the label how to was), or can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Air drying is always recommended. 


Canvas fabrics examples


Long time ago sailor observed their canvas caught better wind when it wet. But they felt wet sails are heavy sails, this problem gave them idea to think about how to avoid, so they thought about curing of the fabric. With help of curing they prepared canvas which receive water on the surface, but not soak in. Waxed canvas takes all the best features of canvas and then adds some valuable features. The use of waxed canvas is increasing day by day, it can used to make bags, backpacks, tents, outdoor gear, and so much more.

Oil Waxed Canvas Leather Weekender Overnight Bag Oversized Duffels-woosir

waxed canvas duffel bag

With the help of the wax coating can improve some special properties such as the wind resistance, repels water, and even ages beautifully. When we compared high quality leather with waxed canvas looks and feels better the more you use it, developing a fine patina over time. The maintenance of waxed canvas is harder than regular canvas. You absolutely cannot machine wash waxed canvas. During the use of waxed canvas bags, it contains wax marks and scuffs add on the actually, add to the character of the item rather than making it look dirty. So, you don’t need to worry about it washing often. Also, within the usage and passage of time you will need to re-wax the canvas (usually 1-2 years). It is depending upon the amount of the wax use for canvas. This is a stage apparently not required of un-waxed canvas; but again, it’s not a frequent thing and the benefit may outweigh the troublesomeness, depending on your needs. For waxed canvas bag most important points water resistance, cleaning, maintenance, and durability. These points very important for using any kind of waxed canvas bag.

In the last of this article we explain the special and excellent quality waterproof duffle bag. We have professional and highly skilled manufactures and suppliers who produce waterproof duffel bags. Waterproof duffel bag is composed of genuine leather+ waterproof canvas, which have excellent durability, waterproofing, maintenance and cleaning.

Special features:

  • Composition of material: Waterproof Waxed Canvas + Crazy Horse Leather.
  • Size: 55cm (L) x 30cm (H) x 25cm (W)/ 21.6'' (L) x 11.8'' (H) x 9.8'' (W).
  • It is a great choice for large overnight bag, sports duffel bags, short journey bag, weekend travel bag, and gym tote bag.
  • It is ideal and multi-functional travel duffel bag, can be used as a flight bag, travel tote bag.
  • It has large capacity as compared to ordinary duffle bags.
  • It has good waterproofing properties which can protect your duffel from getting wet.
  • Have beautiful color options.
  • Excellent designs and popular for fashion.
  • Excellent durability and appearance.

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Duffel Handbag Weekend Bag-woosir

Waterproof Waxed canvas duffel bag

Precautions and attention:

During the using of the Waxed Canvas has disordered scratches on the surface due to the waxed processing. It makes the duffel looks retro and wildness. About this we already discussed in detail in above section of this article. It is easy you can use hair dryer to air the scratches and it will disappear.

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Duffel Handbag Weekend Bag-woosir      Waterproof Waxed Canvas Duffel Handbag Weekend Bag-woosir                      

Waterproof Waxed canvas inside & colors duffel bag inside & colors

Oil waxed canvas waterproof duffel bag:

Some general properties of oil waxed canvas are mention below:

  • Main Material: Canvas
  • Material Composition: oil wax canvas+genuine leather
  • size: Length: 54 cm, width: 23 cm, High:42 cm
  • color: Black, khaki, army green, dark gray
  • Waterproof degree: Surface waterproof

Oil waxed Canvas duffel bag surface

Oil Waxed Canvas Leather Weekender Overnight Bag Oversized Duffels-woosir

Oil waxed canvas duffel bag


Special features and advantages:

  • It is made of original wax canvas which is water repellent and durable. Matched with genuine leather trim makes the travel bag more stylish.
  • The weekend bag has a useful extra large size, 21 x 9 x 16.5 inches, 3.4 pounds. but without being too large to be practical. The bag is incredibly expansive and a generous size making it ideal for use when go away for a long weekend.

Oil Waxed Canvas Leather Weekender Overnight Bag Oversized Duffels-woosir

Angel display of oil waxed canvas duffel bag

  • This Canvas Leather Tote Bag has a detachable wide adjustable canvas strap that can be used as a shoulder bag. Without strap, it can be used as a handbag.
  • It can be used as weekend bag, overnight bag, sport gym bag, long-trip travel handbag for weekend travel, daily travel, short business travel for Men and Women and it is also ideal for gift.
  • Made from premium quality canvas, this flight handbag is a worthy companion to take on all your trips and adventures. It can be used for a long time.

In the last we want to tell how can find this kind of duffel bag you need to read our first article and for more details you can dirctly contact with us. Now it is your turn please gives us feed back how it useful and helpful this article.

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