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How to find good quality Camera bags and cases?

Whenever we are thinking about travelling first thing coming in our mind is photography. In our daily life the importance of pictures is increasing day by day. You probably have a few pictures of yourself and a few pictures of your family that you absolutely admire. Every time you look at those pictures you can recall accurately what you felt in all of those moments. Maybe you like those pictures because you felt so joyful in those moments or you just think you look pretty darn good in that picture. Photography is an amazing thing that allows us not to just capture moments but, to freeze all of the emotions associated with those moments in time.


Waterproof waxed Camera backpack

In this modern era everyone has the ability to take pictures. Modern technology changes our life very quickly. Camera is the one of thing is using for many useful purposes. Cameras have become so extensively available to people across the world with the advancement of smart-phones and other small hand-held cameras.

Using Camera to taking pictures

This new technology allows us to be able to capture the everyday beauty in the laughter that ensues at the dinner table or the many sunsets around the world. I love the fact that so many people around the world have the opportunity to share their own perspectives with others. We can learn from each other and also can share our views or ideas even we are far away from each other. We can see the world from their point of view through these photos. As we all know all kind of cameras are expensive and during our travelling, we need to do good care using good quality bags and cases. So, in this article we will try to help you how can you find a good quality and fashionable bags and cases for different kind of cameras. Waterproof waxed canvas bag is the best choice for all kind of digital camera because of many advantages as compared to ordinary materials.  In our previous article we explained basic information of canvas and waxed canvas. Why we choose the waxed canvas bags??

Advantages of Waxed Canvas

The look of waxed canvas bags is pretty cool and attractive. The backpack made of waxed canvas is very suitable for fashions and daily uses. The important advantage of waxed canvas is regeneration. First of all, take canvas fabric then coating with waterproof wax which provide water resistant property, waxed canvas stays true to its historic roots while still living up to the modern-day hype. Here there are three most important benefits to buying waxed canvas backpack:

  • Durability

Whenever we are thinking to buy the any bags, we consider how much is durable of this bag. Proper waxed canvas far lives longer than its fabric corresponding item in long term endurance. Such as fine leather, the more you use it, appearance and feel better and better. The proper care of waxed canvas bags makes more valuable and desirable over the time during the using of bags, wear and tear that would wear out and tear up another fabric will instead develop the character and patina.


Waterproof waxed canvas

  • Water resistant

Waxed canvas bags are popular for water resistant. Many customers loved to buy waxed canvas bags because of waterproof property is excellent. How waxed make canvas waterproof? It is very simple method, the wax coating repels water, making this a popular material that has stood the test of time for constructing military rucksacks & backpacks, sails, tents, and outdoor gear.

  • Cleaning

Waxed canvas bags have straight forward care when wax is coating on the surface of canvas after this marks and scuffs add on the surface which add one character of waxed canvas bags rather than making them look dirty. In other word we can say that they do not require frequent cleaning. Within the usage and passage of time you will need to re-wax the canvas (usually 1-2 years). It is depending upon the amount of the wax use for canvas. This is a stage apparently not required of un-waxed canvas; but again, it’s not a frequent thing and the benefit may outweigh the troublesomeness, depending on your needs. This is a fairly simple process which only requires a bar or tin of canvas wax and a hair dryer to help soften the wax when applying. 


Now we will introduce you some popular and special types of waterproof waxed canvas bag and cases for cameras.

Waterproof waxed canvas Camera Backpack

Waxed canvas takes all the best features of canvas and then adds some valuable features. The use of waxed canvas is increasing day by day, it can be used to make bags, backpacks, tents, outdoor gear, and so much more. But in this article focus on waterproof waxed canvas camera backpack.


Waterproof waxed canvas camera backpack is consisting of main two parts. One is top compartment which can hold the travel necessity such as towel, notebook, and clothes. Second is bottom compartment which is designed for the professional DSLR digital camera like as some famous brands Canon, Nikon, Sony, and, Pentax etc. It has large capacity multi-pocket design such as front snap button pocket, front zipper pocket, and, side elastic meshed pocket which can hold an umbrella or bottle. Also have inside zipper meshed pocket and laptop compartment which is fits for 14-inch laptop which specials feel to protect the laptop. The adjustable interior

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Camera backpack

compartments allow you to design and change the internal structure of the camera bag based on your needs, and also whose cotton padded dividers protect the fragile things like camera, lens, flash and other photographic equipment from strike. Side door design make you take out your camera quickly; hard-wearing and detachable strap in the bottom of the camera backpack can firmly hold the tripod.


Waterproof waxed canvas Camera backpack

Special features:

  • Composition of material: Waterproof Waxed Canvas
  • Size: 30cm / 11.8inch (Length) ×16cm / 6.3inch (Width) × 42cm / 16.5inch (Depth), Weight of 1.19kg / 2.6 LB
  • It is a great choice for Camera backpack bags and cases.
  • It is ideal and multi-functional backpack bags.
  • It has large capacity as compared to ordinary backpack camera bags.
  • It has good waterproofing properties which can protect your duffel from getting wet.
  • Have beautiful color options.
  • Excellent designs and popular for fashion.
  • Excellent durability and appearance.
  • Different colors of waterproof waxed canvas Camera backpack 

Waterproof canvas camera bag for DSLR & mirrorless cameras:


This bag is composed of batik canvas and, crazy horse skin and other materials. It has many good properties such as strong toughness, high wear resistance, water repellent resistance, and, comfortable hand feeling. It has excellent durability and is not easy to break off the wire. Backing system is made of special cloth. The back of the bag is made of breathable mesh cloth, pearl sponge and other materials to make the carrying system soft and comfortable, sweat-absorbent and breathable. Solid hardware shackles, textured custom zippers, bottom dust proof pads, etc.

Variety of DIY Install

These all details reflect high quality of waterproof canvas bag. It has good space and multi-function bag. Under the evidence of taking into account the specific appearance, the multi-function multi-bag and large-capacity design. It has powerful capacity makes your storage experience better. The weight of this product is 1.2 KG which is very suitable for cameras.

Waterproof canvas camera bag for DSLR & mirrorless cameras

Special features:

  • Composition of material: Batik Canvas + Crazy Horse Leather
  • Size: 30*16*42cm and weight 1.2KG
  • It is a great choice for Camera backpack bags and cases.
  • It is ideal and multi-functional backpack bags.
  • It has large capacity as compared to ordinary backpack camera bags.
  • It has good waterproofing properties which can protect your duffel from getting wet.
  • Have beautiful color options.
  • Excellent designs and popular for fashion.
  • Excellent durability and appearance.
  • According to our customers’ demand of waterproof waxed cameras backpack, on the basis of their needs we explained details of these products. We have very professional teams who help out many customers and shipped the orders. We believe this article is very helpful for our all customers and who are interested in these products. If you need any help regarding this, please contact with us any time.


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