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Woosir Chainsaw Chain for 4-Inch Bars

$18.99 USD

SKU: 202012171-chainsaw chain-4 inch
  • Longer Service Life-The chain of mini electric saw is deeply quenched, with high hardness, sharpness, wear resistance and not easy to loosen.
  • Original Accessories-Our chain are original accessories and are suitable for 4-inch mini chainsaws on the market.
  • Size- The perimeter of the chain is 36cm, It is suitable for most 4-inch electric saws with 4 inch guide bar.
  • Wooden Tooth Design-The unique wooden tooth design can make mini the chainsaw stuck on the branch, higher cutting efficiency.
  • Please note the installation direction (the cutter teeth of the chain should move forward, if it is installed wrong, the chain will be not sharp enough).



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